COSA’s innovative take on sailing!

COSA’s innovative take on sailing!

At the Central Okanagan Sailing Association (COSA) in Kelowna, BC they really take innovation and thinking out of the box to the next level in order to get everyone out on the water no matter their age, skills levels, boat preferences or physical ability!

COSA provides a number of different programs and activities, alongside their CANSail program. Programs are flexible and adaptable ensuring everyone can be involved and get out and enjoy the water and wind.

Program 1: Elementary School Program

During the months of May and June, COSA offers their School Sailing program to different elementary schools in the area as one-day camps. Students are typically between grades 4 – 6 and learn all the basics of sailing, allowing them to be successful on the water. This program focuses on on-water instructional time and introducing young students to the sport of sailing. This program has been a big hit at COSA with teachers booking their classes far in advance.

Program 2: Combo Class

COSA offers one-week, full day, combo classes. This gives the students the opportunity to try out a variety of different activities and focus on the ones they like most. Each day students have instruction in FJ’s, windsurfing and stand up paddle boarding. No wind? Time for SUPs! Too windy? Time for windsurfing or catamaran rides! This program offers a little bit of everything so that students are always engaged and have an opportunity to try their hands at a few different sailing activities.

Students can also choose to take sailing lessons on Hobie Waves and Getaways. Faster than traditional learn to sail sailboats, the Hobie makes for a fun filled experience that is more attractive to teens looking for something a little different while still learning the basics of sailing.

Program 3: Integrated Able Sail Lessons

In addition to having Able Sail programs, COSA offers integrated programs where youth with disabilities have an opportunity to take regular sailing lessons in traditional classes from the safety of their own Able Sail boat. This creates a fun and inclusive learning environment for all sailors. The same goes for the Adult Lessons at COSA.

Program 4: Family lessons

The only requirement for this program is that families must sail together over a two-day weekend camp. This program offers parents and kids the opportunity to learn and play together. It is a great way to get the whole family involved in sailing!

The Central Okanagan Sailing Association also offers one-off events such as corporate team-building sessions and birthday parties. These events are offered in a variety of different boats to suit the needs of the group being taught.

Find out more about the Central Okanagan Sailing Association and their innovative and fun take on teaching sailing here!

Do you have a unique program or event taking place at your club or organization that helps to get people involved in sailing and out on the water this summer? If you do, we would love to hear about it! Let us know about your program by emailing and it could be one of our Program features!