Club Growth & Sustainability at AGM

Club Growth & Sustainability at AGM

From governance to finance to insurance and getting people interested in joining you club…. there’s something for everyone at the Club Growth & Sustainability sessions! Hear about best ways to grow and sustain your membership and the well-being of your club in your community, and join the discussions group with your own stories and questions.

Discussions will be facilitated by Glenn Lethbridge and Drew Robertson, with BC-local champions of Club leadership joining them!

More about our contributors ….

Glenn Lethbridge
Glenn Lethbridge is the Executive Director at Ontario Sailing where he has been for almost 8 years. Before taking the helm at Ontario Sailing, he was the General Manager at the Buffalo Canoe Club. Glenn is renowned for raising awareness and respect for membership at clubs, establishing best practice in business models for Clubs and Sailing Schools, and empowering volunteers in fundraising and event & teams management.

A few years ago Glenn offered clubs in Ontario a look at how best to align governance and policies at member clubs to better sustain themselves in their communities. The Club Growth & Sustainability session offers you a chance to hear all about it and ask questions specific to your club’s needs!

Andrew Robertson
Drew Robertson is a registered insurance broker specializing in marine insurance for over 20 years. He is the Vice President of marine insurance at The CG&B Group Inc and will present information about the coverage that Clubs and Sailing schools should have based on the activities they provide to their members and the public. Attendees at the Club Growth & Sustainability session will be able to take this knowledge and check back with their broker that their organization’s insurance needs are being met. Bring your questions!

Drew is a member of Ashbridge’s Bay Yacht Club in Toronto. When not racing his own sailboat he volunteers his time as a Sail Canada certified judge and mark boat skipper. In 2011 he launched an exclusive Skippers’ Plan insurance program for Sail Canada members.

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