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Sail Canada’s CANSail Instructor program is developed in collaboration with the Coaching Association of Canada as part of the National Coaching Certification Program.

The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) is a coach training and certification program offered in over 65 sports in Canada. The principal objective of this program is to develop the abilities of instructors & coaches working with athletes at all levels, from the community level through to high-performance sport.

The NCCP is a collaborative program of the government of Canada, provincial/territorial governments, national/provincial/territorial sport organizations and the Coaching Association of Canada.

The CANSail Dinghy Instructor Courses
CANSail Instructor development courses are scheduled and delivered by our Provincial Sailing Associations. Please contact your PSA regarding clinic schedules, locations and registration.
Do you want to become a CANSail Dinghy Instructor? 
CANSail Fundamental Course - The CANSail Fundamental Course is the first step in the CANSail Instructor system. Successful completion of this course will enable instructor candidates to attend further clinics such as the CANSail Level 1 & 2, 3 & 4, and 5 & 6 Instructor Training Clinics. The CANSail Fundamental Course has been developed to provide an opportunity for instructors to reflect, problem solve, collaborate with peers and continue to build on knowledge from previous experiences, skills and new knowledge acquired from the clinic.  This course is mandatory for anyone taking a coach/instructor development clinic.
Community Instructor – The CANSail Community Instructor Training Clinic is designed to provide training to leaders in small communities, councillors at multi-sport camps and instructors in training who are not eligible to become Instructors at other levels. Community Instructor candidates may not have a high level of technical sailing knowledge, but they are passionate about sailing and eager to develop their sailing and instructing skills. Successful completion of this course will prepare Community Instructors to better serve the sailors they will be working with.  
CANSail 1 & 2 Instructor - Instructors who successfully complete this course will be qualified to teach beginner participants at the CANSail  1 & 2 Level, and have access to valuable CANSail Instructor Tools.
CANSail 3 & 4 Instructor - Instructors who successfully complete this course will be qualified to teach participants up to the CANSail 3 & 4 Level and have access to valuable CANSail Instructor Tools.
CANSail 5 & 6 Instructor - Instructors who successfully complete this course will be qualified to teach participants at the CANSail 5 & 6 Level and have access to valuable  CANSail Instructor Tools.
Wet Feet Module - This is a professional development module for current Sail Canada Instructors looking to expand their instructional base. CANSail Wet Feet is a program for delivery specific to 5-8 year olds. The curriculum, lesson plans and teaching methods are specific to engaging this young group while inadvertently teaching them about sailing boats, water safety, and fundamental movement and balance skills in Optimist Dinghies and dockside.
Spinnaker & Trapeze Module - This is a professional development module for current Sail Canada Instructors looking to expand their instructional base. Instructors who successfully complete this course will be qualified to teach participants using the CANSail Spinnaker & Trapeze program.
Coaching Athletes with Disability Module – this is a professional development module created to provide instructors & coaches with resources and training to work with sailors with a disability. The module is designed to provide the basics of what you need to know to get started, especially in First Contact, Fundamentals, and learn to sail fast settings. Sail Canada Trained and Certified Instructors & coaches, at any CANSail level are eligible to take this course. Volunteers working with para sailors and programs are also encouraged to participate to increase their understanding and awareness. The module is designed to provide additional and specialized information to CANSail instructors and para program volunteers who wish to gain more knowledge or specialize in instructing & coaching sailors with a disability.
Pathways & Prerequisites
Program Information
NCCP Maintenance of Certification
Starting in January 2014, NCCP requires all ‘Certified’ coaches to accumulate Professional Development points in order to maintain NCCP certification. Detailed information can be found here.
LTSD Online Module
All Sail Canada Dinghy Instructors & Coaches are required to complete this free online module in order to be eligible to register annually. Click here to complete the LTSD Module now!
Make Ethical Decisions - Online Evaluation
All CANSail Dinghy Instructors & Coaches who have completed the CANSail Fundamental Course are required to complete the Make Ethical Decisions online evaluation by logging into their Locker Profile. Please note that CANSail Instructors 1&2 and 3&4 must complete the Instruction stream, while CANSail 5&6 and Development Coaches must complete the development stream. Click here for detailed information on how to complete the module
CANSail Instructor & Coach Recertification
Recertification for all CANSail Instructors & Coaches must be completed through a provincial sailing association. To review the updated Recertification Policy, please click here. The certification period for CANSail Dinghy Instructors and Coaches is 36-months to the end of the calendar year. For example if you completed your clinic in May 2011, your level would expire December 31st, 2014. LF / MLF Recertification Policy   LF / MLF Recertification Application
CANSail Accreditation Module
This is a module that orients instructors to the CANSail program and resources available. This module will also benefit program directors and volunteers looking for a better understanding of theCANSail system. Please click here to complete the module online. 
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