Bullet on Day 4 at the World Championships in Aarhus!

Bullet on Day 4 at the World Championships in Aarhus!

Sunday August 5th, 2018 - Kingston, ON

Canadian Sailing Team Members are moving their way up the scoreboard at the 2018 Sailing World Championships Aarhus in Denmark. Striking a bullet on the last race of the day, Sarah Douglas (Laser Radial) is putting skills into action, as she is currently sitting in 7th overall. Tom Ramshaw (Finn) has had a steady event, securing his 4th place on the scoreboard. The points are tight, and the competition is tough!

Sailors are competing for more than a medal at this event, as the Sailing World Championships are the first and largest qualification regatta for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. With 40% of the places being decided at this event, sailors will need to push hard to make their way up the scoreboard.


Results can be followed here: https://aarhus2018.sailing.org/results


Here are Sail Canada’s Canadian Sailing Team & Development Squad members racing at the event:


Tom Ramshaw (SLYC/RCYC)

Kyle Martin (RVYC)



Robert Davis (KYC/RCYC)

Luke Ruitenberg (RNSYS)

Fillah Karim (RVYC)

Noah Collinson (RCYC)


Laser Radial

Brenda Bowskill (RCYC)

Sarah Douglas (ABYC)

Isabella Bertold (RVYC)

Coralie Vittecoq (RStLYC)



Will Jones (RHYC) & Evan DePaul (RHYC)



Ali Ten Hove (KYC/RCYC) & Mariah Millien (RCYC)


Additional Canadian sailors racing at the event:

Laser - Hugh McRae (KYC), Norman Struthers (RCYC)

Laser Radial - Clara Gravely (ABYC), Maura Dewey (RVYC)

Finn - Gordon Stevens (RNSYS)


Stay tuned as our sailors hit the water, and fight their way to the top! Don’t miss out on a single race with the live tracking.  


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Photo: Sailing Energy



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