Basic Sailing Skills now an ePub

Basic Sailing Skills now an ePub

Sail Canada's Basic Sailing Skills - now on iTunes & Google Play Books!

This renowned manual - now on iTunes and Google Play Books - was written to support anyone new to sailing, serving as the go-to resource to reinforce their understanding of just how things work. This book is an excellent complement to CANSail programming, and any on-water dinghy sailing learning.

There’s a lot to sailing that must be learned by “doing” and won’t be picked up from the pages of a book. That said, some aspects of sailing may seem confusing to the newcomer. And that's where this book comes in handy. It is used to review, prepare, and remind the sailor - to allow for confidence with each sailing experience.

In 112 pages this book offers expanations on these items and more:

  • Steering
  • Sail Adjustments
  • Leaving-from & returning-to shore
  • Safety & Capsize recovery

Now it's easy for the newest sailors to get this book... straight to their device! 

Find Basic Sailing Skills here on iTunes and Google Play!