Advanced Sailing Skills - the ePub

Advanced Sailing Skills - the ePub

November 2017

Anyone developing as a Racing Sailor a Cruising Sailor, a Coach or Instructor now has access to the Kindle edition of the long-renowned 'Advanced Sailing Skills', by Don Giffin.

Since the book's 1st edition (1979), it has been known to be found on every sailor's bookshelf. It serves as a textbook to their learning and offers a perfect reference to go back to every season to refresh on just about everything it offers! Illustrations and non-technical language provide the reader with a complete understanding of fundamentals and theory affecting boat speed & handling.

  • Weather & Wind, Safety
  • Rigging, Tuning, Boat Handling, Spinnaker
  • Anchoring, Knots & Splices, Boat Maintenance
  • Sailor Fitness

With thanks to the Giffin Family for offering the book, and the support of Ontario Sailing to develop it, the electronic version of Advanced Sailing Skills is now available on Amazon!

Only $9.99! Download yours today!