A program for every sailor at RVicYC

A program for every sailor at RVicYC

Wednesday June 29, 2016 - Kingston, ON

Royal Victoria Yacht Club (RVicYC) has no shortage of unique programs for its participants! Founded in 1892, RVicYC is the oldest yacht club in British Columbia. Over the past 124 years, the Club has worked to create out-of-the-box programs and activities that promote sailing and physical activity for its members. Some of RVicYC’s most exemplary programs include the Lower Vancouver Island Youth School Sailing League, Salty Sisters, and Intro to Skiffs.

Lower Vancouver Island Youth School Sailing League
A program built in partnership with schools in greater Victoria that aims to get students from grade 5 to 12 to represent their schools on the water. In keeping with the Long Term Athlete model, athletes between grades 5 and 7 sail Optimists and athletes between grades 8 and 12 sail double handed dinghies, either a Club 420 or a Flying Junior. The School League is a nine week program that is open to all levels, no experience necessary. Schools practice twice a week. The first three weeks follow the CANSail curriculum, while coaches have the flexibility design their own practices in the following six weeks. The program includes a mid-way regatta and a season ending championship.

Salty Sisters
Salty Sisters is a sailing course designed for, and run by, women. It introduces women 18 years and older to the world of sailing in a fun and relaxed learning environment. It requires no previous sailing or boating experience; while also being appropriate for returning sailors, as it is focused on individual development and goal-setting. The coaches use these goals to tailor the lessons to their participants learning needs.  It is run mostly in Club 420s, but also introduces the women to keel boating in RVicYC’s Martin 242. Each session includes eight Saturdays from 9:00am-12:00pm, and each practice ends with lunch from the Royal Victoria Yacht Club.

Intro to Skiffs
Intro to Skiffs is a two week summer program that is a wonderful way to transition from CANSail 5/6 and Chutes & Wires into the fast and furious world of skiff sailing. The course focuses on basic boat handling, trapeze and asymmetrical spinnaker technique in the 29er.

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“I believe [Salty Sisters] is an ideal program for women to learn to sail in a friendly, unthreatening and highly enjoyable setting…The instructors are very skilled and personable young women who obviously enjoy their jobs and make all of us feel at ease while at the same time learning at our own individual pace. Each class builds on the skills and knowledge learned from the last. Our instructors are always patient, good natured and quick to help when needed…I commend the RVYC and the wonderful teaching staff there for putting together this awesome program! It's an incredible way to encourage women to learn and gather confidence on the water.”

-Salty Sister M

“[Salty Sisters] allows us the chance to step up and do something out of our comfort zone and for our own sense of self…There was this unfussy understanding that “yes” we could do it and “yes” we will do it.  That gave me confidence - though it still wavers sometimes - that I could do it.  I liked the non-competitive atmosphere and that there wouldn’t be a test at the end.  Experiencing things by doing them is be far my favourite way to learn and finishing off with a social gathering afterwards is exactly something that women like to do!  We gain confidence by feeling support from others and it helped end the days on a high note even if you had a less than confident day.”

-Salty Sister S

"The RVicYC intro to skiff program helped me become more comfortable in the 29er.  This course is great as you take people who already know how to sail back to the basics, it forces you to really learn how to sail a 29er. This course prepares you for race team in a skiff as you get to learn things at your own pace; you are not thrown into a racing situation right away. "

- C.S.