Registered Training Sites

Click here for a list of Registered Training Sites

Registered Training Sites reap the benefits of receiving a number of tools and services to assist the sailing school’s volunteers and staff to carry out promotion and delivery of safe and professional dinghy sailing training at national standards.

Sailing schools register annually with their Provincial Sailing Association.

A registered Training Site receives:

  • Promotional materials – for use in community and online
  • Tangibles for distribution to program participants:
    • Certificates loaded with sailor’s name and program 
    • Seals for application to certificates or logbooks
    • Progress reports
  • Resources and for use by registered Sail Canada Instructors & Coaches 
  • Certificate to identify your school as a recognized Sail Canada Training Site!     
  • Listing on, and Provincial Sailing Association websites
  • Checklists for use by the school’s registered Instructor & Coach Staff
  • Access to the Sail Canada Online Service - a web-based program designed to relieve the paperwork hassles that come with running a sailing program to national standards. The system – powered by Checklick - includes digitized checklists that allow you track the progression of sailors

Registered Training Sites agree to:

  • Hire Registered & Certified Sail Canada Instructors & Coaches
  • Follow the Sail Canada curriculum & use appropriate checklists
  • Record and submit participant reports for all participants in programs to their Provincial Sailing Association (through the Online system or excel reports)