Marc Shaw

Home Club: Royal Victoria Yacht Club
Class: Sonar
ISAF Sailor: CANMS12


Marc sails –appreciatively- out of Royal Victoria Yacht Club in the beautiful garden city of Victoria BC.

He entered competitive sailing during the summer of 2002 by hanging out in the ‘crew square’ shortly after completing his introductory white sail I&II courses at Oak Bay. This gave him the bug to pursue the sport further.

Initially, Marc’s crewmates had no idea about his disability (as an amputee) until one evening during a tack, when his leg got caught around a sheet and the leg was nearly pulled right off. "That’s Gotta hurt!" replied the skipper. Afterwards Marc explained to him about his leg and that he had a below knee prosthetic. With such a supportive beginning, Marc continue to crew for a couple of years. Eventually Marc was put in touch with Ken Kelly, a Paralympic hopeful who was looking for a jib trimmer. Ken wanted to add to his crew for a campaign to go to the 2008 Paralympic games in Beijing China. Marc took him up on his offer and began what he considers a “fantastic journey to China”. Marc feels that it has been an experience like no other and has not only given him the opportunity to meet some fantastic people, but has also taught him to keep focused, helping with improved self control as well as getting him into the best shape he has been in 20 years.

For Marc, when this campaign is all over, he will be able to take the skills that he has gained and apply them directly to day to day life.