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Offshore Sail Numbers

Sail numbers are required for boat identification while racing and are useful for safety purposes. Sailboat owners must apply to Sail Canada for a sail number unless the boat is affiliated with a Sail Canada member class association that issues its own sail numbers.

Offshore sail numbers may be obtained by applying to tSail Canada. BC and Alberta residents may contact BC Sailing to purchase their number.

NEW Changes effective January 1st, 2008

New pricing structure:

$50 - Change to ownership &/or boat particulars for boats with a Sail Canada issued sail number

$125 - Sequential sail number

$200 - Personalized sail number (out of sequence). NOTE: some numbers are reserved as Collector numbers - see list below.

$500 - Collector sail number - Sail Canada has created a list of select collector numbers - Click here for the list of Collector numbers.

Purchasing a sail number
Complete the Offshore Sail Number Application form and return it to Sail Canada. Residents of BC and Alberta may contact BC Sailing to purchase their number.