Officials Sub-Committees

Sail Canada Officials Sub-Committees report to Sail Canada Training and Certification Committee. Each group  Race Officials Committee has a mandate to develop and organize education and certification for Sailing's Officials.  The Committee is made up of 3 Sub-Committees: Race Officers, Judges, and Umpires.

Race Management Sub-Committee: Irene McNeill - Chair (ON)

Peter van Muyden (AB), Ross Tellier (QC), Madeline Palfreeman (QC), Colin Mann (NS), John Abel (BC), Mark Searle (ON)

RMSC Meeting Minutes:
Judges Sub-Committee: Robert Stewart - Chair (ON)

Lynne Beal (ON), Leo Reise (ON), Lorne Chapman (BC), John Holmes (ON), David Pelling (QC), David Covo (QC), Peter Wood (ON), Warren Nethercote (NS) 

Umpires Sub-Committee: - Andrew Alberti - Chair (ON)

Katie Coleman-Nicoll (ON), David Pelling (QC)