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May 2009


Call for Nominations to the Canadian Yachting Association Board of Directors

The Canadian Yachting Association (CYA) is the national sports organization representing the sport of Sailing in Canada.  It represents all participants, including recreational sailors, and high performance athletes at the club, provincial, national and international level. 

The mission statement of the CYA is: to make sailing a lifelong activity for Canadians through Excellence in Competition and Training. 


The Board has the responsibility to oversee the conduct of the business of the Canadian Yachting Association and to supervise the Executive Director, who is delegated responsibility for the day-to-day conduct of business of the CYA. Any responsibility not delegated to the Executive Director or a committee of the Board remains with the Board. 

The CYA Board will implement the following tasks of effective stewardship: 

  • Define CYA’s Strategic Framework (mission, vision, values, goals, operating principles, key success measures), approve key deliverables, organizational structure, budgets and financial statements, and monitor performance against plan;
  • Develop, implement and evaluate governance policies and processes and implement assessment and control systems to ensure compliance to these policies and processes;
  • Define the roles, responsibilities and authority of the Executive Director. Hire, monitor and annually evaluate the performance of the Executive Director in accordance with the CYA Human Resource Policies;
  • Establish Board Committees and approve their Terms of Reference;
  • Communicate to stakeholders and the public and make information available upon request in a transparent and effective way;
  • Ensure effective orientation of new Directors, ensure they understand their role and are informed of all policies of the Board;
  • Ensure Board self-evaluation and succession plan and replace any vacancies that may occur.

The following principles will guide the Board in its work: 

The Board promotes itself as a unified team and agrees to support and promote each other and the decisions of the Board.  The Board has “one voice” when communicating to its stakeholders and the Executive Director.

  • Board committees are accountable to the Board.
  • Operational committees are accountable to the Executive Director.  The Executive Director may choose to appoint a senior staff member to the committee and they would report to the Executive Director.   Board members may serve on operational committees when requested by the Executive Director/ staff. 

The Board of Directors is comprised of the President, six Directors at large, and one Athlete Director.   

The President of the CYA is elected for a 2 year term, and each of the Directors is elected for a 3 year term, and we consequently have a staggered term Board.  Each year, two Directors complete their term.  This year nominations for the President and two Directors are now open.   

It is the Board of Directors intention to improve diversity on the Board.  This includes gender, Canada’s official languages, and experience with sailors with a disability.  We can improve our current Board’s diversity with candidates who are female, Francophone, and have experience with sailors with disability, or are a sailor with disability. 


The selection of candidates will be based on desired characteristics, such as:

  • independence
  • a sound business and/or professional background
  • excellent network and contacts
  • a record of organizational accomplishment
  • a record of community service
  • a highly respected reputation with past co-workers and teammates
  • passionate about sport and its impact on Canadians
  • an understanding and general acceptance of the CYA’s strategic goals and an ability and willingness to further them
  • an understanding and appreciation of the CYA’s internal and external audiences.
  We are looking for individuals who possess core skills as well as excellent strategic skills, and are capable of seeing the “Big Picture”.   People who have a passion for sailing.  

Any interested individuals who are prepared to help shape the future of the sport of Sailing in Canada should send their name contact information and qualifications to the Nominating Committee Chair at   or by regular mail to: 

Chair, Nominating Committee

Canadian Yachting Association
53 Yonge Street
Kingston, ON
K7M 6G4 
Fax 613-545-3045

George Blanchard appointed CYA Councilor of Honour

The Board of Directors at their Board meeting on March 26, 2009 passed a motion appointing George Blanchard as a CYA Councilor of Honour. It is an honour well deserved for a sailor whose service to the sailing community spans more than 75 years. George started sailing 83 years ago at the Oakville Boat Works under the supervision of Captain Regan. In 1933 he joined the Queen City Yacht Club and subsequently joined the National Yacht Club in 1934 and the Toronto Sailing and Canoe Club in 1956 where he has been a member ever since (life member since 1998). He also joined the Boulevard club in 1958. 

George has an extraordinary record of race management starting in 1963 when he was first elected fleet captain at Toronto Sailing and Canoe Club. He has been significantly involved in the organization of more than 50 International major regattas throughout southern Ontario including World Championships in Olympic Classes and other ISAF recognized international classes, North American championships and Canadian Championships in many classes.  He was a key member of the Bravo Race Committee at the 1976 Olympic Games in Kingston Ontario. He still attends the TS & CC ice breaker regatta just to make sure the team is doing the job properly. 

George’s sailing career includes boat time in many famous dinghies and racing keelboats such as the International 14, Albacore, International 505, Finn, Lightning, Soling and Sharks. His favourite boat is the Wayfarer where he has sailed in twelve World Championships and seven British Championships as well as many Canadian and North American Championships. 

In being appointed a Councilor of Honour George joins a select group of Canadian sailors including Paul Henderson, Past president of ISAF and Stephen Tupper a former National Coach and long time Executive Director of British Columbia Sailing, who has supported our community. 

Canadian Yachting Association’s Green Initiatives

Sailing is a model of a sport and recreational activity which is environmentally sustainable. We use the natural sources of the wind to propel our boats and are always seeking new equipment and technologies to improve our boat’s performance. 

The Canadian Yachting Association is doing its part to protect our environment for future generations. We have in 2008 – 2009 with the support of Mercury Marine switched to four stroke engines on our coach boats. These engines use considerably less fuel than the engines they replaced and also do not contaminate the environment with unburnt engine oil which was major concern of the two stroke engines they replace. 

In the office the CYA is providing more and more of its information on the website rather than printing the information in paper form and destroying it when the information becomes obsolete. The revised 2009 – 21012 appeals book is an example of information that is now downloadable from our website.  

Instructors are now able to go to the member’s area and access instructor materials. In the cruising instructor area the latest exams, and revised instructor standards are now available on the website. Instructor records are now being transfer electronically between our provincial sailing associations and the CYA office. This saves the CYA record management labour expenses and frees up physical space in filing cabinets.  

Later this year we will be looking at replacing our individual student proficiency certificates with a single certificate which will hold all certification seals a sailor can earn in the Learn to Sail program. Therefore instead of having six or more certificates, each for achieving a single level, a student will be able to display all certifications achieved on a single certificate. This will save paper and the trees that go into the paper. 

The CYA strives to develop sustainable practices in its day to day management of its business.

Judges Wanted

Nepean Sailing Club (Ottawa) is looking for:

  • CYA certified judges for the Ultimate 20 North Americans, 17 to 20 September.
  • And CYA certified judges for the NOD (Nepean One Design) on 20/21 June expecting these fleets. Sharks,  505s  Ultimate 20s    Fireballs  J-24s,   Albacores, Kirby 25s       Lasers, C&C 27s and  Tanzer 22s  

Contact  Barbara James  at

Show off Your CYA Colours

Check out the CYA store on our website When in our website draw down the home menu (located on the left hand side of the screen) and then click on “store” We have golf shirts, fleeces, and CST ball caps as well as resource materials for both training and racing.

CYA Announces - Volvo Ocean Race Game Challenge;

Join the Volvo Ocean Race online video game. Race each leg of the Volvo Ocean Race against sailors from around the world. Over 200,000 sailors participate including past Olympians and many members of the Canadian Sailing Team. Throughout Canada racing and cruising sailors from Opti level to CST level, to retired “old salts” have been entering their virtual boats and racing in the Volvo Ocean Race Challenge. It is fun to play and registration is free. 

CYA has rounded up some prizes and we are throwing out the challenge to see which Canadian sailors finish highest in the 8th leg from Galway Ireland to Marstrand Sweden. This short leg starts on June 6th. 

Here is how you enter: 

Go to  and enter your boat (if you are not currently registered). Send CYA an e-mail at with your name, your contact information, your boat name. In conjunction with Canadian Yachting Magazine we will be awarding the following prizes: 

  • Top Canadian Sailor
  • Best Junior Racer (18+ under)
  • Top Optimist Sailor
  • Best Finish by a Sailing Instructor
  • George Blanchard Award - Top Masters sailor (65 + over)
  • Inter club challenge – Combined top three finishes from a club
  • School challenge – Combined top three finishes from a school

You could be eligible for a number of prizes including. 

  • A free registration at major events across Canada including:
    • Canadian Youth Championships
    • Optimist Canadians
    • CORK
    • Laser Radial NQR
  • Complementary subscriptions to Canadian Yachting Magazine
  • Clothing
  • Free instructor registration and insurance

Join us for the prize presentation at the Canadian Yachting Association annual meetings and dinner in Toronto in November. Details on the prizes you can win: 

Full info on the Volvo Ocean Race Game:

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