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Learn to Cruise/Power Basic Instructor Evaluators

LTS Instructor Evaluators with Basic LTC/LTP Instructor qualifications


Date & Location


June 2013, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. 

Nova Scotia is proposed. Chosen location is subject to majority of candidate’s proximity.


Candidate Selection


Candidates may attend the clinic subject to invitation by Sail Canada.  Decisions are based on candidate qualifications and prerequisites, regional requirements, demonstrated need, and the size of the clinic.


Selection will be based on the following criteria:

New IE Candidates - teaching and sailing experience, certification level (minimum Intermediate Instructor or LTS IE and Basic Cruising Instructor), recent training activity, commitment to the responsibilities of an IE and recommendation of a current IE and the applicable PSA.


Upgrading IE Candidates - levels of student teaching and instructor clinic activity, amount of volunteer time for committee or relevant project work, demonstrated commitment to policy and betterment of the system.


Responsibilities and Duties of IEs:

1.       To further the aims of Sail Canada in all areas;

2.       To represent Sail Canada and Provincial Sailing Association in the IE's geographic area;

3.       To promote and encourage safe sailing techniques;

4.       To remain current technically and to continue self-development;

5.       To actively participate in the LTC/P Instructor Development Program within the certification period by;

a)      Organizing and conducting instructor certification, re-certification and instructor development clinics

b)      Evaluating and coaching instructor candidates;

6.       To actively participate in the evolution an development of the LTC/P Program by developing and evaluating manuals, teaching materials, curriculum's and proposed changes to the Standards;

7.       To monitor and deliver the LTC/P Program and accept, maintain, and enhance the LTC/P Standards by advising on policy and ensuring the Standards are thoroughly taught and properly evaluated.


How to Apply


Candidates wishing to apply to the Sail Canada Cruising / Power Instructor Evaluator Clinic complete this Application Form and submit to Sail Canada office.  All applications must include copies of your VHF Radio Operator License with DSC, PCOC card, current Standard First Aid certificate, and current CPR (level A or higher) certificate.  Please bring a copy of this application with you to the clinic. 


No deposit will be required with the applications, however payment in full will be required with online registration made available upon approval of eligibility.

Deadline for applications - close of business, Friday, March 1, 2013.


Criteria for a Successful Completion of a National IE clinic


1. Full attendance and involvement in the clinic (judged by the clinic course conductors).

2. Pre-Course Assignment:

        -      Complete and submit a typed pre-course assignment.  The topic will be assigned on confirmation of your acceptance to the clinic,

-          Presentation of pre-course assignment at the clinic.  Evaluation will be based upon content and presentation.

3. Successfully complete all components of the clinic.

4. Demonstrate the ability to provide objective peer evaluation and skill correction in a positive and effective manner.

5. Demonstrate a positive attitude, acceptance and work towards the aims and objectives of the PSA and Sail Canada.

6. Full IE certification for new candidates will be awarded after you demonstrate the ability to organize, teach and conduct a Basic Cruising or Basic Power Instructor Certification Clinic within 12 months as outlined in the Learn-to-Cruise/Power Logbook , Policy Manual and Sail Canada website.

7. Upon successful completion of all criteria, candidates will be certified for 36 months to the end of the calendar year.  A re-certification process is required to continue as an IE as outlined in the Policy Manual.


Candidates are welcome to address any concerns they may have on any matter relating to IE Clinics by writing the Sail Canada Training & Certification Committee.


Clinic Format


The primary emphasis of the clinic will be on skills required to train instructors, and on candidate development.


Expected to be approximately $350. The amount of the exact fee will be sent to you with acceptance to the clinic. Tuition does not include food, accommodation or travel.



Limited pre-course assignments will be communicated not later than 2 weeks prior to commencement of the clinic. Clinic emphasis will be evaluation of the abilities of a candidate to train instructors as well as on development of the IE candidates. In addition, candidates will be required to develop materials for use in training instructors/instructor candidates or in support of the LTC and LTP systems.


Further Questions?

To clarify any of the above information or address your concerns, please contact the Sail Canada office in Kingston 613-545-4044 / 877-416-4720 () or Jamie Gordon at 416 485 4908 or 416 985 5536 ()

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