Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Board of Directors of the Able Sail Network cordially invites all sailors, volunteers and any other interested parties to its second Annual General Meeting to be held on Wed. Aug. 31 at 4:30 pm at the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club during Mobility Cup 2011.

The AbleSailNetwork (ASN) is a cooperative association of operators of and participants in accessible sailing programs across Canada. It was first started in 2006 with funding from a federal government grant. The funds were used to create a website with the goal of facilitating sharing and collaboration among ASN member programs, as well as providing a permanent library to archive shared documents and resources. An ASN National Fundraising Database containing potential sponsors for programs across Canada was developed.  

At that point in time ASN became the custodian of the Mobility Cup Regatta. In 2006 ASN hosted an Able Sail Symposium prior to Mobility Cup in Vancouver. Unfortunately the grant money eventually ran out and this initiative lay dormant for awhile, although the ASN Mobility Cup committee has remained active. In 2008 the ASN Board of Directors re-grouped and began work on finalizing the bylaws of the association, as well as the application for incorporation which was finally obtained in August 2010.  

ASN is currently applying to obtain the status of charitable organization which will facilitate the acquisition of funds to insure the sustainability of this initiative.  

A detailed agenda for the Aug.31 meeting will be available shortly, however one of the main items will be the election of new members to the Board of Directors.  

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