CYA Camps

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Camps, along with yacht clubs, sailing clubs, windsurfing clubs and sailing schools are the foundation of the CYA membership program. There are over 40 camps currently members of the CYA.

Camps become members of the Canadian Yachting Association through application to their respective Provincial Sailing Association (PSA). The annual membership fee is paid to the PSA, half of that is forwarded to CYA. The annual membership fee is a flat rate, $150 per year. For further information or to become a member camp please contact your provincial sailing association or the CYA.

In order to offer CYA programs, courses must be taught by current CYA instructors who are certified at the appropriate level

Services and Benefits to Camps

All camps that are current members of their Provincial Sailing Association and CYA benefit from the following services:

  • System recognized internationally by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) and the International Sailing Schools Association (ISSA) and nationally by the Canadian Coast Guard and Transport  Canada
  • Student certification awarded by the CYA camps is recognized throughout Canada and around the world, providing significant proof of sailing competency
  • CYA Learn to Cruise, Learn to Sail and Learn to Windsurf Programs are supported by resources including a Student Logbook and Basic Student Manual available in French and English
  • The CYA represents the interest of sailing camps, and represents the boating community in support of operator proficiency and boating education being provided by the private sector
  • CYA national Instructor training programs and symposiums
  • Preferred rates for Sailing School liability insurance programs
  • Representation by CYA and PSAs to government agencies on issues concerning regulation and legislation in recreational boating
  • Referral of inquiries for boating lessons to member schools only
  • CYA certification recognized by charter operators and sailing schools across Canada
  • Listing on CYA website
  • Ability to add job postings to the CYA website.

CYA Member Camps