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Celestial Navigation Resources

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Celestial Navigation by Dominique F Prinet
This Celestial Navigation manual reflects more than 10 years of development effort. It provides
some of the historical background and supporting principles leading to modern Celestial
Navigation processes and explains in detail the principles behind each type of calculation.
This 250 page manual is broken down into 19 chapters. It includes numerous illustrations
and examples and exercises are offered throughout, with review questions at the end of most
chapters. The manual is designed to be self-explanatory, and to fully prepare the reader for the
written test offered by Sail Canada (CYA). To learn more about the manual or to order a copy of
it, go to the authors website.
Dominique Prinet is an experienced Cruising and Powerboating Instructor with extensive
navigation experience gained through operation of vessels in the Artic, Europe, Asia and North
America, He holds a 60-ton Master’s certificate from Transport Canada as we’ll as pilot licences
for a number of types of aircraft. Dominique has decades of experience providing instruction in
the safe use of power and sailing vessels. Dominique offers a number of shore based courses in
the Vancouver area focused on the serious mariner.