Thursday, July 04, 2013

CANSail Dinghy programming offers learn-to-sail programming according to the most up to date national standards. CANSail programming trains sailors through a progressive pathway of dinghy sailboat handling skills' learning and development. It sets the foundation for athlete and sailor-leadership development regardless of the type of dinghy being used (single or double handed), all in a fun, safe and active learning environment. A sailor in the CANSail programming develops through 6 fundamental levels of standard.

Click here to see a sample of a CANSail Progress Report – it is a snapshot summary of the collection of skills in CANSail levels 1 through 6. Sailors in CANSail programming will receive the 2013 CANSail Progress Report showing their Provincial Sailing Association logo.

CANSail Dinghy Programs can be found being offered at Recognized CANSail Training Sites in communities all about Canada!  A CANSail Training Site:

  • has Sail Canada Certified Instructors on staff
  •  is registered with their Provincial Sailing Association & / or Sail Canada  to receive programming delivery support services and resources
  •  flies the CANSail flag with the red sailboat!

Click here for a list of registered CANSail Training Sites across Canada.

Sailing schools looking for more information should contact their Provincial Sailing Association or Sail Canada.

More about the CANSail program is here.