Friday, April 29, 2011

Unbelievable last two racing days at the 2011 Audi Soling World Championship, today with 20 to 24 knots measured at the Chiemsee Yacht Club, three more races were held in this lake which many couldn’t ever thought that such good sailing conditions could happen, it was cold, but the action in the Soling kept sailors warm and at the end really tired.

CAN 225 Peter Hall, Paul Davis and Phillip Kerrigan sailed well today, two bullets and an 8th granted them 29 points just enough to beat team Ramadabalaton HUN 77 with George Wossala, Karoly Vezer and Peter Nemeth who had a 4, 5 and a 7 finishing with 30 points. The biggest surprise of the day was Team Differencial BRA 31 with Nelson Ilha, Paulo Lemos and Felipe Ilha who granted the other available bullet and a 9 and 2nd finishing with 47 points.

Not only Canada retrieves back the Soling World Trophy but also in the top ten shares with other Canadian and the south Americans: team edding ARG 32 with Warburg, Bisbal and Roldan and BRA 73 Roth, Ribeiro and Ribeiro and BRA 31 the fifty % of the of the list that is completed with three Germans, one Hungarian and one Dutch.

There were bad languages joking with Roman Koch, earlier this week saying that Chiemsee was great for fishing and eating, but it end up being an outstanding sailing area, with mostly of days with sun, different kind of winds from all directions and intensity. The CYC offered the sailors a fantastic week, and even the Argentine team as is being usual during this International events got to make their barbecue home made. Some Dutch, German and Austrians besides the Italians could taste it this time.

The next World Championship will be held in Milwaukee, USA. Preparations are undergoing with a test event during the North Americans in 2011 ( ) and then almost same dates but in 2012 the worlds. USA sent two representatives and USSA secretary Ashely Henderson which sailed with the third Canadian boat CAN 227 with Tom Mitchell and Francisco Perez.

AUT 127 with Alex Hasch, Christian Holler and Gnan Markus locals from SCK, Attersee were the representatives from the next European Championship to be held late August in Austria ( ). The finish quite well at 15th place.

The note were the Italian and French fleet, both with 4 boats taking part at this event and the Italians already looking forward for their Masters World Championship to be held in AVAS, Lago di Iseo next June 16.

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