Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sylvan Lake, Alberta

Last week, 2100 boys and girls aged 11-17 from all over Canada were introduced to sailing at Scouts Canada’s Canadian Jamboree 2013.

Over 10 days the CANSail Station provided 4 stations for the youth groups to move through to learn about and experience sailing in dinghies. The 4 stations were led by Sail Canada trained Instructors offering:

  • Teaching parts of a boat and what purpose they serve, heaving a line and knot tying
  • A sailing experience in dinghies around a set course
  • Introduction to Sail Canada’s CANSail program and how to access it at Clubs and Sailing Schools in their home province
Sail Canada is proud to have supported CJ2013! Each participant had a Sailing Passport completed, achieved some of their Sailing Badge and some of the CANSail 1 Standard. All took home a Sail Canada card showcasing the skills learned and directions to to find a CANSail program near them.
Many thanks to CANSail-at-CJ2013 leader Glen Dick, CANSail Instructors Ashley Poulin (BC) and Tristan Thomson (AB), and the 50 volunteers offering service to the CANSail Station.