Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Friday October 25th 2013, Sail Canada will host the Regatta Delivery Summit at our AGM and Conference at the Delta Centre-Ville in Montreal!

Registrants witll have the opportunity to participate in 4 different sessions regarding all aspects of running a successful regatta. 

These sessions will include....

“What You Need to Know About Weather, as a Race Officer!”

Alan Smith, an instructor for 25 years with Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons 

We will look at the predictability of weather systems, how to know where your race course is relative to a weather system, and how to make informed decisions about your race based on weather expectations.We will identify resources to enhance your understanding of the weather during your race event. We will also touch on “tools of the trade” that will support on the spot race committee decisions.

"Understanding Redress"

David Pelling, International Judge / Umpire

Redress in sailing is a grossly misunderstood subject. In a protest hearing the ‘loser’ gets disqualified but the ‘winner’ gets nothing. There are circumstances, however, where a wronged competitor can be compensated for the failure of others to abide by the rules or to act reasonably. Further, acts of good seamanship can be rewarded.

"The Art of Target Time"

Peter van Muyden, International Race Officer

The history of target time, the importance of meeting target time, examples of target time models and how to create models.

"Coaches, Race Officers & Judges - Working together"

Ken Dool, Canadian Sailing Team Head Coach and Director of High Performance

Discussion will focus on the role of Coaches in the Race Management team including relationships with Event Organizers, Race Officers, Judges and Safety Teams, how to interact effectively with coaches when delivering an event and the growth of a new partnership.

Don't miss your chance to particpate in such valuable sessions, delivered by experienced and knowledgable professionals! 

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