CYA Monthly Newsletter

Title Date
Supporter Appreciation December 2009
Long Term Sailor Development Update December 2009
High Performance Update: December 2009
Message from CST Coach Brian Todd December 2009
2009 CYA Awards December 2009
AGM Conference Summary December 2009
Message from the President December 2009
Message from Olympic Torch carrier – Evert Bastet: December 2009
Etobicoke Yacht Club Open Regatta to support Canadian Sailing Team August 2009
Heritage Canada Confirms 2009 -2010 Contribution Agreement with Canadian Yachting Association August 2009
2009 Canadian Yachting Association Awards August 2009
Successful Skud 18 Camp held at Royal Victoria Yacht Club August 2009
Sailing’s Long Term Athlete Development Framework August 2009
Briefly August 2009
International Hosting Program July 2009
ISAF Event Grading & International Event Calendar July 2009
Ian Bruce, lifelong sailor and designer named to the Order of Canada July 2009
Etobicoke Yacht Club Open Regatta to support Canadian Sailing Team July 2009
Canada Summer Games 2009 July 2009
YOUTH OLYMPIC TRAINING SEMINAR (YOTS) at CYA Youth National Championships July 2009
Briefly July 2009
2009 Laser World Championship update July 2009
CYA Announces - Volvo Ocean Race Game Challenge; May 2009
Show off Your CYA Colours May 2009
Judges Wanted May 2009
Canadian Yachting Association’s Green Initiatives May 2009
George Blanchard appointed CYA Councilor of Honour May 2009
Call for Nominations to the Canadian Yachting Association Board of Directors May 2009
Briefly May 2009
CYA Sailing and Cruising Instructors Ambassador’s for the Sport – Peter Wood April 2009
Staff Changes at Canadian Yachting Association April 2009
Training and Certification Committee April 2009
Fogh Marine Renews its Sponsorship Agreement with CYA. April 2009
Briefly April 2009
2010 CYA Event Hosting April 2009
National Competitions April 2009
Volunteers required: April 2009
Business Development Volunteers required: March 2009
Briefly March 2009
CYA Web Store March 2009
Long Term Athlete Development March 2009
Canadian sailors hit the campaign trail for the London 2012 Olympics – Peter Wood March 2009
Staff Comings and Goings January 2009
Pleasure Craft Operators Card: the deadline is nine months away January 2009
Canadian Sailors attending Miami Olympic Classes Regatta, January 25-30 January 2009
Rule Books. New racing rules for 2009 – 2012 January 2009
Volunteers required: January 2009
Happy New Year 2009 January 2009
ISAF Council Meeting Concludes In Madrid November 2008
2008 Annual Rolex Award Banquet Winners November 2008
CYA Store November 2008
Report from the Annual General Meeting November 2008
High Performance – Canadian Sailing Team October 2008
CYA Looks Ahead - Annual General Meeting October 2008
Peter Wood appointed Interim Executive Director October 2008
Reloading the collective gun: October 2008
Olympic Games Report September 2008
Nominations for the 2008 CYA Awards September 2008
The 2008 CYA Annual Rolex Awards Banquet September 2008
The 2008 CYA Annual General Meeting September 2008